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Interning at AeroFS

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In the summer of 2016 I was a Software Engineering Intern at AeroFS.

AeroFS Office Entrance

In my time at AeroFS, the team was working on an new product called Amium. It’s is a team collaboration software that handles file-sync, team chat, versions and more. I spent my internship working on Amium.

I worked on all parts of the stack including infrastructure, mobile, frontend, and backend. This was a great because I got to work with a lot of different engineers and cool technologies rather than just work with a single mentor on a single project for the whole summer. I was given a lot of responsibility and ownership throughout the internship, I liked that.

The office was airy, and had an amazing amount of natural light. Its great location (right in downtown Palo Alto) made for some fun afternoon ice-cream/boba trips with the team. The team ate lunch together outside each day, and this served as a nice break to the day along with a chance to chat with the whole team. Weekly ultimate frisbee games were also something to look forward to.

Amium swag at the Launch Party Food at the launch party

I was lucky that my internship dates lined up with the launch of Amium. Launching something you’ve been building and using for the past couple of months is an exciting feeling, and launch day was thrilling. The launch went rather smoothly and it was exciting to track the buzz we were generating on HN, Twitter and Product Hunt. There was a launch party, with more swag!

Interning at AeroFS was great, I got to work on interesting problems.